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Olympics 2016 and Agility

My first blog post finds itself coinciding with the RIO Olympics 2016.

My thoughts on the Rio Olympics so far revolve around a city that has found it difficult to manage its 'readyness' to meet the games, one that has found itself in constant battle with the media and one that hasn't drawn the crowds one would have expected to at key events.

I wonder what would happen to Rio's stadiums, venues and facilities once the Olympics have moved on.

Historically nations have struggled to keep them going (save a few such as Sydney). The maintenance of these facilities is often neglected and the venues become ghost towns. The financial benefit of hosting the Olympics seems to be short lived. Given Rio is in a developing country one can imagine what would happen to the infrastructure after the games.

What if the Olympics were more agile?

What if multiple existing venues from across the world could be utilised for the games?

Wouldn't that make more sense?

Wouldn't it also make more sense to host certain sports where the climate better aligns to the sport e.g. marathon running in Europe at this time of the year.

Just a thought!

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